6 Weeks To Go: Don’t Count Clinton Out

For the first time in several weeks, our combined Fame-Feeling-Fluency star chart (above) shows an advantage for Hillary Clinton, as her Feeling score rises and Trump’s Fluency lead vanishes.


We know from previous waves that Fame is at max for both candidates, but earlier in the campaign Donald Trump had a persistent advantage in Fluency. That has closed since the last time we measured Fluency – both candidates score low, suggesting people are exhausted and confused in a gruelling election season.


None of our participants mentioned the media’s dominant story of the week – Clinton’s illness and recovery – as a reason for emotion. Her return to the trail may even have helped her Feeling rise. But immigration is recurring as an issue – one of Trump’s most powerful distinctive assets, which may help his Fluency recover.



Next week sees an opportunity for both candidates to influence their Feeling and Fluency scores with the debates. We will be delaying our weekly fieldwork until after the first debate in order to pick up the effects.

Fieldwork dates: 16th-19th September. Next update: Thursday 29th September.


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